Welcome to Adonis!

Adonis is changing the way consumers and businesses in St. Louis dispose of their electronic waste.

E-waste is one of the fastest-growing threats to the environment today. At Adonis , unused and unwanted electronics are no longer just “trash” but valuable commodities that can be re-purposed by others or broken down and the raw materials reused.

While the concept of recycling isn’t new, however, we monetize this process—keeping these items out of the landfills and improving consumers’ bottom lines, the well being of their communities, and the environment. Now consumers and business get paid to recycle and recoup part of their investment on items they’d normally throw in the trash.

The system also allows us to partner with community organizations to hold fundraisers that benefit families displaced from natural disasters, sick patients, research for cures for illness, and so much more.

By working with Adonis, consumers and businesses can feel good about doing the right thing for the environment, their bottom lines, and their communities.