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About Us

Our owners partnered together with a vision to bring a cleaner environment to the community while doing it in a way that is rooted in the fundamentals but also was innovative.  They recognized the need for a secure and safe way for companies to dispose of their assets or recoup some of the cost through remarketing.

We started having recycling fundraisers and have given the proceeds to different organizations to help with community projects, people that are less fortunate, individuals with serious illness, and disaster relief.

We have invested heavily in state of the art data destruction machines that ensure when the data has been wiped it is not going to be retrieved.  We have also invested in end to end software that allows our clients to monitor every step of the process.

We realize that the e-Waste epidemic is more than we can do by ourselves and have started reaching out into the community to partner with people and companies that are on the front lines of e-Waste.  These partnerships are allowing us to meet this challenge head on and are helping us to make the biggest impact.

With the support of the local businesses, corporations, not-for-profits, schools, government agencies, and the individuals in the community we can make a difference for the environment and each other.