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Adonis Partners: How Wings of Hope Empowered Local Communities in COVID-hit Colombia

The coronavirus pandemic is still wreaking havoc around the world. It showed the global community the grim realities that come about in a pandemic. Countries, both rich and poor, were hit hard in many ways. Some managed to overcome the effects and some are still struggling. In such times, it becomes increasingly clear that calamities of this scale can only be tackled through a global collaborative effort. Life is precious, no matter where you are or who you are. Engaging with and helping those who are in need of genuine assistance should be the obvious course of action.

Wings of Hope and the Work They Do

The humanitarian non-profit Wings of Hope, based out of St. Louis, provides access to healthcare, medical resources and support through aviation. Their mission is to change and save lives through the power of aviation. They have been doing this for close to 60 years now, having provided assistance to communities in over 50 countries so far. 

Wings of Hope has been able to reach remote locations around the world and actually make an impact, which is why they have been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, an honor unlike any in the world and a testament to their work and service to the global community.

Through their Medical relief and Air Transport (MAT) program, Wings of Hope connects people to the healthcare that they need in the USA. They fly patients with various ailments to the nearest hospital in a radius of 800 miles. This transport is provided free of cost to the patient and one caregiver. The non-profit runs thanks to the support of volunteer pilots, nurses, and patient flight advocates. 

Wings of Hope also encourages students to explore and enroll in STEM courses, particularly relating to aviation, by allowing them to join Wings of Hope and get hands-on experience working with the planes. 

The pandemic affected Wings of Hope as well, putting a temporary suspension on its activities and preventing it from providing services in the United States and elsewhere in the world. However, they knew that once they could resume operations, helping communities in other countries and within the USA was going to be critical, given their experience working with these countries. 

The lack of healthcare and medical supply infrastructure in some countries might exacerbate the pandemic, making any form of help important, and Wings of Hope was willing and able. Wings of Hope works with different partners in countries around the world and, thanks to the support of their partners, Wings of Hope was able to serve over sixty thousand people in 8 countries in 2020.

How Wings of Hope Supported their Colombian Partners

Wings of Hope partnered with Pattrula Aérea Civil in Colombia to support their COVID relief operations in the early 2020s. Patrulla provides basic medical attention to impoverished and remote communities, and, like Wings of Hope, uses airplanes to fly medical assistance such as equipment and doctors into these communities. Wings of Hope supported Patrulla in its efforts to deliver and pick up COVID-19 test kits in Colombia. 

Most aviation activities were suspended in Colombia in the pandemic. Because of the kind of work they do, Patrulla’s planes were the only ones that were allowed to fly during the early months of the pandemic. This made them significantly effective as a partner to enable Wings of Hope to provide aid and assistance to communities in Colombia. In 2020, Patrulla completed 18 brigades serving 10,916 patients. And as vaccines will become more widely available, Wings of Hope and Patrulla will be ready to deliver them to these communities.

Adonis and Wings of Hope: Taste of Hope Fundraising

Adonis Recycling is a conscientious and responsible business and it believes in the spirit of community. Working for and giving back to the community is important to us. As a way of giving back to the community, we are proud to be associated with Wings of Hope and helping their fundraising efforts both directly and indirectly. 

Adonis will be contributing to this year’s edition of ‘Taste of Hope’ fundraiser, which is an annual food fest organized by Wings of Hope. We will donate $1,000 as a sustaining sponsor and conduct a recycling drive in support of the fundraiser, the proceeds of which shall be directly donated to the cause. We will also gather and call upon local vendors to support the fundraiser and the global mission of Wings of Hope in general.

Through Wings of Hope, Adonis Recycling wishes to support the larger global community, by whatever means possible. Working with a nonprofit that has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize not once but twice is an honor. We hope to be able to work with partners who do great things; things that directly lead to improvements in the lives of people. With our own mission to reduce e-waste and save the environment at the core of our activities, we also want to have an impact on people who can benefit from the aid of nonprofits such as Wings of Hope. Adonis is proud to be associated with Wings of Hope and hopes that we can continue our association for many years to come.