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Electronics Recycling Near You: How Adonis Can Help Your Business Profit From E-Waste

As the world becomes more sensitive towards the critical issues of environmental protection and climate change, our focus is shifting to the steps that need to be taken. As technology advances and the standards of living increase, the consumption of products and services also keeps increasing. The growth in the overall consumption directly increases the amount of electronic waste generated. 

Environmentalists and scientists, along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), know that it is critical to follow the 3Rs of waste management as much as possible. Students across the world are being taught about the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. This points to the glaring reality that is staring us in the face: waste generation is a serious problem, and its complexity increases with the increase in the complexity of technology. Recycling programs are a must for communities and businesses.

Waste Keeps Increasing

E-waste is a complex issue that is adding to the problems of solid waste recycling. Every day, the amount of unwanted electronicslaptops, cell phones, televisions, DVD players, TVs, fax machines, VCRs, CRT, copiers, microwaves, MP3 players, old video game consoles, and other electronic equipment—is increasing. This, along with other household hazardous waste, contains plastics and other toxic substances that are usually just dumped into landfills, poisoning the surrounding environment and precious natural resources, leading to further environmental degradation. Tackling it effectively is becoming more and more pertinent, as the generation of e-waste is only going to increase in the coming years and the status quo is not sustainable.

Challenges in Recycling

As waste generators, it is important for us to understand our responsibility when it comes to waste management. More and more people are becoming aware of the situation and are conscious about their choices and decisions about recycling options

However, even if their motives are noble and they genuinely want to be able to recycle electronic products, there are certain bottlenecks that they could encounter in their quest.

E-waste recycling needs to be handled differently, given the multiple materials that are usually present in such wastes and the complexity of more technologically developed products. The question that we ask is “Where can I find an electronics recycling center near me?” and, more often than not, there aren’t many recycling locations near us, which points to the lack of accessibility of recycling locations. The task of e-waste recycling is best handled by people whose focus is on recycling electronic devices instead of those who handle all types of waste.

For some, the entire process of e-waste management could be an expensive activity. If the electronics recycling facility is not nearby, they have to travel a considerable distance. If there are tons of e-waste that needs to be disposed of, it would also involve the cost of drop-off. Some recycling facilities could also demand compensation in order to recycle. Under such circumstances, they would rather prefer to dump their e-waste directly with the other waste and save themselves the trouble.

Issues with Security

Managing e-waste is all the more critical for businesses. Companies, depending on their size and nature of work, have IT systems in place, which include hard drives, keyboards, computer monitors, servers, and devices that are connected to the company network. These servers and drives are used to store all sorts of data, some of which is confidential and private. Disposing of them presents security risks if not done properly and professionally. 

Even if the data has been deleted from these devices and they have been overwritten, there is a possibility that residual data can be restored, which would directly lead to a data breach. A data breach is not a situation a company would like to be in, because they are expensive in more ways than one. E-waste disposal, therefore, becomes an activity that companies cannot afford to take lightly.

Adonis: A Perfect Solution

In face of such challenges, Adonis Recycling emerges as the perfect solution for people and businesses operating in the St. Louis area. Adonis is a professional e-waste recycling facility that provides the services of IT assets disposition and e-waste recycling. For businesses operating in the St. Louis area, Adonis is the perfect local partner.

Apart from the fact that Adonis is conveniently located for St. Louisans, we understand the security challenges that companies face when with IT asset disposal. Adonis is capable of professionally destroying and sanitizing data from your devices. This data sanitization is done in compliance with the NIST SP 800-88 guidelines for media sanitization, which is the industry standard for destroying data from drives. We do it well enough that it is almost impossible to recover data even when using state-of-the-art methods and lab techniques. 

Compliance with NIST also signifies that you have done the utmost to destroy all data from your devices. Companies can rest assured that the possibility of a data breach is minimized as much as possible by partnering with Adonis.

Adonis Earns You Money From Your Disposed Hardware

Adonis is passionate about its mission, which is to promote environmental protection by reducing the impact of electronic waste by offering comprehensive solutions for e-waste recycling and management. Some of this e-waste can be repurposed and sold off in secondary markets. This also follows the ‘reuse’ principle of the 3Rs. Adonis can help companies to sell their IT assets after having complied with the NIST standards. 

This would allow the companies to reduce the environmental impact of disposing of all their e-waste, while also earning some money from the sale of hardware. One of our clients earned up to $1 million from the sale of its hardware, facilitated by Adonis. All Adonis did in the process was to net the profit from the sale of the hardware, kicking the rest back to the client. The client used the money to buy new hardware. Adonis gives its clients the ability to earn money from the disposal of their hardware instead of paying money for it, which is useful for smaller companies who could use additional resources to upgrade their IT systems.

Partner With Adonis Recycling

Helping businesses in the St. Louis area to professionally dispose of their electronic waste while also giving them an opportunity to earn a profit for doing so is where Adonis emerges as a perfect choice. Adonis is aware of the needs of its clients when it comes to how they can extract the most out of their decision to recycle. The problem of e-waste needs to be dealt with directly and proficiently, and Adonis addresses it efficiently. Partnering with Adonis is a smart move that leads to peace of mind and earnings from hardware sales. Get in touch with Adonis Recycling to learn how we can help you to manage your e-waste and why partnering with us is the right option for you.