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Recycle Electronics in St. Louis: Why it Matters and How Adonis Can Help You

E-waste is a pandemic in itself. The speed with which the consumption of technology has increased is mind-blowing. Technology has brought in its wake many positive changes and benefits, some of which have directly raised the standard of living around the world. Developments in technology across industries and applications are growing apace. However, this blinding rate of technology development comes at a cost. The biggest and most alarming cost is the generation of e-waste, or electronic waste, which happens because more people want technology for more things, and as the rate of improvement in technology increases, more technology becomes obsolete faster.

E-waste Keeps Increasing

E-waste has a severely harmful impact on the environment. According to Statista, around 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste were generated globally by end of 2019. The speed of the growth can be understood from the fact that only five years earlier, that amount was 44.4 million metric tons. If the numbers themselves aren’t worrisome enough, only around 20% of the waste is recycled. Everything else must end up either in landfills or open spaces not designed to handle that kind of waste. This creates stress on the surrounding natural resources – water and soil – and poses a serious problem to public health.

E-waste is Toxic but has Precious Metals

The e-waste – usually CRT, cell phones, ecycles, hard drives, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and household hazardous waste – that ends up in landfills does not decompose, obviously. To exacerbate the situation, it is also highly toxic because it contains many dangerous chemicals and heavy metals, which can affect the people living near the landfills where it is dumped. Richer countries, such as the US, ship their electronic waste to poorer countries, where they have even fewer facilities to be able to properly deal with it. The waste also contains precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper, which are lost without recycling. You might have read that the medals given in the Tokyo Olympics were made from recycled cell phones. Imagine how many more medals can be made from the unrecycled old electronics. Why stop at medals? Imagine how many other ways these precious metals can be repurposed.

St. Louis Businesses, take note

American businesses use multiple electronic devices for their operations. These organizations should be at the forefront of action against the generation of e-waste, given the fact that consumers and governments monitor their actions towards the environment. St. Louis is an important city in Missouri and boasts of many businesses that contribute to the city’s staggering $160 billion GDP. Companies operating in St. Louis have to be careful when disposing of their e-waste, simply because, as an economic powerhouse, it produces a lot of such waste and its disposal is not easy. Of course, it’s not enough to want to be conscious about how they handle their electronics recycling; finding the right way to do it or the right organization to partner with can be tricky. Adonis is here to help.

How Adonis Can Help

Businesses do benefit from proper electronics recycling for more reasons than one. Let us see how Adonis can help you with your recycling needs.

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Properly recycling e-waste directly leads to reducing a company’s carbon footprint. As is mandated by law, companies have to limit their carbon emissions or pay fines for each ton of excess carbon that they release in the environment. Recycling or repurposing the waste so that it has an extended life can offset carbon release. None of the e-waste is improperly disposed of or incinerated and the impact on the environment is greatly reduced. Adonis provides professional recycling services for e-waste disposal to its clients.

  • Meet Environmental Regulations

Some states, including Missouri, have regulations concerning the recycling of electronics. These states require that the products listed in the state law must be recycled. Companies based in these states must therefore recycle their e-waste. Countries are coordinating on a global level to establish environmental regulations for the disposal and treatment of e-waste as well, because after all this problem is not confined to any one country. Adonis helps companies to meet environmental regulations as per the Missouri law and provides a certificate of compliance to companies.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

A judicious recycling program also helps with the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. Companies that recycle are perceived by society and other stakeholders such as the customers, suppliers, and the government in a positive light. Such companies earn their reputation by doing the right thing and also set an example for other companies. The companies operating in a city or a region owe it to the citizens of that city or region to do the right thing, especially if it concerns the environment.

  • Data Destruction

While disposing of your unwanted electronic devices, you need to ensure that they have been properly sanitized. By sanitized, we mean data sanitization. It is very likely that trace amounts of data may remain on the drives that are being disposed of even after deleting all files and taking steps to scrub the drive clean. This data can be confidential or private, which, if accessed, can be used for nefarious purposes and cause a variety of damage to the company. Adonis are experts in this area as we provide compliance with the industry standard of data sanitization called NIST SP 800-88. Compliance with this standard ensures that it is extremely difficult to extract any data from the drives and that all necessary steps were taken by the owner of the drive. Adonis also provides a certificate of compliance.

  • Payout for Recycling 

Adonis will actually help you make money in the process of recycling electronic equipment. We can sell repurposed drives and electronics in secondary markets, after removing data in a manner compliant with NIST SP 800-88. The proceeds from the sale of the devices are kicked back to the clients, which can be used to upgrade to newer devices and drives. Adonis has helped a Fortune 500 client earn close to a million dollars from the sale of their devices in the secondary market. All we do in the process is net the difference. We can do the same for your company as well.

Recycling old electronics is the obvious and correct thing to do. In a world troubled by climate change and ever-increasing piles of garbage in landfills, reducing the impact of e-waste through managing it is a step in the right direction. No matter how small or big, companies need to be conscious about their choices when it comes to e-waste management and disposal.

Working with Adonis: St. Louis’ Very Own!

Adonis is the right partner for all companies in St. Louis county who wish to step up and do their part in properly disposing of their e-waste. Experts in asset disposition and data destruction, we handle the entire process professionally, right from collecting your assets from your place of operation to their recycling and/or further sale to secondary markets, all while providing full traceability and transparency. Consult with Adonis to understand how we can assist you in the management of your e-waste and rest assured in the comfort of our competency and professionalism.