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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD): How Adonis Protects Your Business From Digital Threats

Technology changes faster every year. As the technology improves, so do the products, and new and improved products flood the markets. It’s not all good news though, because despite all the good that comes from more effective and efficient products, rapid technological development does throw up one major challenge: the problem of obsolescence. 

Older devices become obsolete and are no longer compatible with our evolving requirements and tastes. The undeniable factor of age acts as a natural yet significant handicap. To be fair, obsolescence is important to an extent, because it means we have to come up with newer technology that promotes better results and faster growth. But, at the current rate, becomes an issue. Obsolescence is shortening the life cycles of products, especially electronic equipment such as laptops, cell phones, and electronic accessories, and generating more e-waste.

IT Asset Disposition is Inevitable

Companies and organizations also have to face the problem of obsolescence of their IT systems and their hardware. Modern businesses and institutions around the world rely heavily on IT infrastructure for almost all activities pertaining to their survival and operation. 

As newer devices are introduced with higher speeds, more storage, and increased computing power overall, older devices with companies fall behind. Sooner or later, these devices need to be replaced with newer ones. IT asset disposition, or ITAD, becomes a priority.

Proper ITAD is Important

Disposing of IT equipment is not just data destruction from the hard drives, unplugging the old system, and sending all the hardware off to landfills or recycling centers for shredding. There are precautions that need to be taken in order to ensure that the hardware that is being disposed of is actually wiped clean and that no previous data that was stored in it can possibly be recovered. 

It is no secret that simply deleting the files from drives and overwriting them does not guarantee that previously stored data won’t leave any residual data, which can potentially be recovered and cause problems—especially if that data is recovered by bad actors. There are data security risks that a company exposes itself to with improper ITAD.

Avoid Data Breaches at Any Cost

Recovery of supposedly deleted data from storage devices can lead to data leaks or data breaches. A data breach is when a company’s secure or confidential data is accessed by unauthorized people. When the data is released in the public domain, it becomes a leak. This is an occurrence that is happening more frequently every day; it’s easy to find countless news articles covering data leaks from some of the world’s biggest companies. 

Data breaches are a serious security concern as companies usually deal with private and confidential information and, if such data is leaked, it can cause problems for the company. It raises questions about the company’s ability to secure its data and casts doubt on the company’s trustworthiness. Some companies also deal with sensitive data pertaining to their clients such as their addresses, social security numbers, and account details. It is imperative in such cases that data be properly wiped off the drives, as the breach of such data can facilitate identity theft and it can put the security of the clients at risk, through no fault of their own. 

Data privacy is important, and companies may lose the patronage of their clients and also their reputations, not to mention the fact that they could be presented with a lawsuit for damages occurring from such a breach. This would lead to further complications and financial expenses for the company, along with the prospect of other stakeholders cutting ties with them. In a nutshell, concerns about data security are not unfounded, and companies who improperly dispose of their IT assets can be easy targets.

ITAD Services

The stakes can be pretty high for companies during IT asset disposal. Risks can and must be mitigated to avoid situations that can potentially cause damage in the millions. The smart thing to do in this scenario is to have a robust ITAD program and engage the services of professionals who know what is at stake and know what they are doing. 

Such ITAD services can help put minds at ease and ensure that the disposal is done according to industry standards. They can undertake the entire process of asset management including data sanitization, value recovery, disposal, and the recycling of end-of-life hardware that a company would have had to do by themselves, therefore relieving them of the concern of dealing with ITAD and allowing them to focus on their core activities.

Adonis Recycling is the right partner to help you with your disposal needs. Adonis is a professional IT asset disposition services firm that can alleviate all concerns regarding data erasure and hardware reuse and recycling. Adonis is sensitive to the needs of its clients and it provides superior services by addressing the data security concerns that are highlighted above.

Adonis Undertakes NIST Compliant Data Destruction

Adonis follows the industry standard of data sanitization from drives. This standard is based on the NIST SP 800-88 guidelines which were initially established to guide US government departments in disposing of their hardware but are now regarded as the standard for data destruction across industries and companies. 

Basically, an NIST compliant ITAD process means that data recovery from the hard drives disposed of is almost impossible, even with laboratory equipment and techniques. It also signifies that the disposer has done the utmost to ensure that no residual data can be recovered from the drives. Therefore, compliance with NIST standards does the job of putting minds at ease. Adonis provides a certificate to its clients certifying NIST SP 800-88 compliance.

Adonis and Chain of Custody

Adonis, among preeminent ITAD providers, is a firm proponent of transparency and traceability. Adonis understands that handing over once important drives to a third party for disposal can cause a little discomfort, especially regarding the chain of custody of the hardware. In the spirit of transparency and traceability, Adonis provides high-quality recycling services that ensure that all pieces of hardware belonging to clients are accounted for throughout the process. 

A client can trace every individual piece of their hardware throughout the entire process. Adonis also takes extreme precautions to not process any hardware that is not listed on the manifest from the client. If such a piece does make its way into the pile, Adonis sends that piece back to the client. There is complete transparency throughout the chain of custody. Adonis is committed to providing convenience and peace of mind to its clients.

Insurance Cover for Added Confidence

Adonis also has a multimillion-dollar insurance policy for the rare possibility of any untoward event occurring after the hardware has been processed and remarketed or recycled. Due to the fact that Adonis follows NIST standards and provides full control and visibility over the process, it has become a preferred ITAD partner for many businesses. But, in order to instill confidence in the minds of its clients, Adonis believes that multimillion-dollar insurance cover should provide sufficient security. 

Adoni’s determination to make the entire IT asset disposition and management process simple, transparent, and professional is reflected in its business practices. Adonis is a perfect partner to consider for your IT disposition needs. Connect with Adonis Recycling today if you are looking to upgrade your IT systems and require professional assistance with your old hardware.